Oscars and new blog


So that’s the Oscars over for another year. Fairly predictable results, I feel, though I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m not happy with most of them!

Only thing I’m really going to say more about the Oscars is that there were some interesting dress choices on the red carpet this year. This, however, is the most magnificent thing out there.

Image from Buzzfeed.com

Phwoar. America Ferrera looked outstanding, amirite? The colour of her dress is just phenomenal. I’d rock the hell outta something like that.

I’ll have a more interesting post for you all up later, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new blog up to run alongside this one! Basically… I’m running a 5K in June (OMG WUT) and I wanted to record my fitness and nutrition plan as I get closer to the date. I didn’t want to clutter up this beautiful blog with it all, though, so that’s where the new one comes in! You can find it over at Bats and Barbells!

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Oops. (plus- the chop: warning, photo heavy)

So… it’s been over a month since I last posted. Sorry, guys…

I was feeling kind of bummed out with blogging. Couldn’t see the point; felt a bit Eeyore-like and sorry for myself. Honestly, I was also bummed with myself. Bored, stuck in a rut, you know the drill.

I eventually plucked up the courage (thanks in no small part to some gentle encouragement by the boyfriend) to do something about it.

But more on that later! First, a quick update because a lot can happen in the space of a month!


My ever expanding wardrobe has changed a bit; I’ve gotten rid of a few pieces, and gained a small number.

This long black cardigan is a Primark purchase and I love it. It’s got a hint of a 90’s goth grrl vibe and can be dressed up or down.

These are some new glasses I’ve just got to get my prescription put into. I usually hate buying ‘fake’ glasses with clear lenses but actually they’re a pretty good way of getting fashionable styles on the cheap; especially when you know someone that makes specs and is happy to supply you with your lenses for very little! Also pictured is my Hufflepuff scarf, which was one of my favourite Christmas presents (along with a plushie of Fang and Snape’s wand!).

This top. This top is bloomin’ awesome. It’s a fairly new purchase so I haven’t had a chance to wear it out yet but it’s so coooool. It’s from Yours.

And finally, what may seem boring- a pair of black skinny jeans! What’s exciting about these is that these here jeans are in a size down! Yay!

Make Up

This month has been pretty standard when it comes to make up. I’ve made a couple of recent purchases (the Illamasqua Facet palette is beautiful!) but mostly I’ve been trying to use up what I have.

This is a pretty general look for me! I used Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Believe In Me Ivory, Soap & Glory Some Kinda Blot, Sleek Face Form in Light (blush and contour), Soap & Glory Supercat liner, Lancome Hypnose Star, Maybelline BrowDrama brow mascara, New Look Pure Colour lip liner in dark red and MAC Russian Red lipstick.

These are my most recent purchases (within the last two weeks), Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1N1 Ivory and the new Little Black Primer mascara. I’ve been using a sample of the DW foundation for a while and decided I like it enough to make the plunge! I’ll be doing a review of both of these soon- spoiler: I LOVE.


So I’ve been going to the gym and exercising more regularly again. I had been going pretty often before Christmas but over Christmas I was ill and then doing lots of overtime or observations which meant I didn’t have the time to go. I always feel better when I go and when the weather gets better, I can start my Couch to 5K up again. It’s less about losing weight (though there is a bit of that, obviously) and more about increasing my fitness and health. A part of this is also, of course, working on what I eat. I don’t eat horribly anyway and never have, but a decision I made is to try to eat super healthily and sensibly during the week, abstaining from alcohol and treats as much as possible, and then relax a bit at the weekend. It works well because I see my boyfriend either on Saturdays or Sundays so I never feel I have to order salad or anything around him. Plus- we do a helluva lot of walking!

This is one of my favourite snacks! Rice cakes (plain, caramel or fruity work the best!) with a tablespoon of cashew nut butter (between them, not on each!) and sliced strawberries. Sounds weird? Tastes amazing. I also really like the Vita Coco kids drinks- I know, they’ve got lots of sugar but I only have one per day if that. I’m trying the ‘grown up’ pouches with peach and mango- as yet unsure whether I like those as much!

The Chop

So earlier in this post you saw that massive pile of hair on the floor, right? Right.

I chopped my hair off.

Okay, granted I didn’t have super long hair to start with- down to my chest, bra strap sort of length- and granted it’s still not extremely short, but it is a good four inches shorter, if not more. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to the pics). I chopped my hair a little shorter than this about a year and a half ago and hated it. Difference between then and now is that I had to lop it all off before- I had to get rid of the blue dye before my job started- whereas this time I wanted to cut it off. I was ready. I was bored of my longer hair, it had no style and just hung around my face and did nothing for me. If it wasn’t freshly washed, it was pulled into pigtails or into a bun/ponytail and never held a style or anything.

I’m sorry for how bad that photo is! This is just after I cut it all off so it’s styled pretty prim and proper by my hairdresser in order to check how it sits etc. I also got a bit of a whispy fringe cut in as well.


This is the fringe. I don’t think I’d ever wear it like that but it’s nice to have the option!

It’s also just about long enough to pull up into pigtails, and they look much better than when my hair was longer! The fringe also makes the whole bandana-thing look better in my opinion. Honestly I was tempted to ask her to cut even more off- maybe even go a whole inch-and-a-half shorter, I’d already asked her to go about an inch shorter (she likes to cut things longer, which is a good idea- you can cut hair off but you can’t put it back on!) but I’m happy I can still pigtail!

With it tied back, I’m given a glimpse of how I might look with a long ‘pixie’ esque cut and you know what? I actually really dig it. Maybe that’s my next step!?

Anyway, this is my new hair, and probably how I’m going to wear it most of the time. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner- I love it so much. I feel pretty and- dare I say it- hot, and I think it suits me so much more than the longer hair. If I don’t go shorter I can’t see myself going much longer again for a while.

For reference- on my face in the last picture I am wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation in Ivory (sample from Cosmo, it’s too dark but I quite liked the finish and coverage!), Maybelline Matte Maker in Classic Ivory, B. Sculpted Contour Kit in Light, Makeup Revolution Powder Blusher in Love, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Estee Lauder Little Black Primer mascara, Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, Eyeko Skinny liner in Black, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero, the Boots SEVENTEEN Christmas eye palette and L’Oreal Brow Artist pencil in Brunette.

Short hair don’t care.

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My MAC Palette

So I finished it! My MAC palette. 15 (!) shades chosen to try and make an all-rounder palette, with eyeshadows (tested in store before purchase to ensure decent pigmentation and finish!) chosen to provide a range of colours suitable for any of my make up needs.

I apologise for how mucky the palette is! I cleaned it only the other day, I promise. Not all of these shadows have photographed well in the palette so I have swatched them for you as well. L-R I have (top row) Lucky Green, Steamy, Tilt, Parfait Amour, Stars N Rockets; (middle row) Da Bling, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Sable, Cranberry; (bottom row) Handwritten, Electra, Club, Knight Divine and Typographic.

All swatches are photographed with flash, by the way!

Lucky Green- this is such a pretty, yellow green. It almost has a hint of gold running through it and looks lovely paired with lots of different colours.

Steamy- I really like this one. A greeny blue with gold shimmer it’s lovely and pigmented and easy to blend.

Tilt- This is beautiful, with a really subtle almost iridescence. It looks really similar to Parfait Amour here but it’s much bluer on the eyes in my opinion.

Parfait Amour- A bluey-violet with a fairly subtle shimmer. It’s packed with colour and just a beautiful purple.

Stars N Rockets- This pinky purple has a magical quality; it’s fairly sheer with one swipe but is iridescent and beautiful, and easy to build up the colour if you want. Looks beautiful packed on top of darker colours.

Da Bling- A golden pink, really pretty. I think I should have chosen Naked Lunch to go in my neutral row, but I really do like Da Bling. It’s easy to pair with lots of different shades and goes well with Stars N Rockets for a super girlie eye!

All That Glitters- Everyone knows and likes All That Glitters. A great shade with golden shimmer in a neutral eye but also as a base for more interesting looks.

Woodwinked- Again, everyone knows Woodwinked! An antiquey, browny gold, it’s beautiful on it’s own and paired with a number of other shadows.

Sable- This eyeshadow is my lazy eye go-to. A really pretty and unusual golden, plummy brown with a slight duochrome, I just blend it out over the whole of my lid and into the crease and I’m ready to go.

Cranberry- Surprisingly wearable. A beautiful shimmery dark and plummy red.

Handwritten- A beautiful, soft matte chocolate brown. This is my go to crease shade for a neutral eye. Just a touch in the outer corner and through the crease is perfect.

Electra- An icy, cool silver, Electra is beautiful as a base or highlight in a smokey eye. It’s really pretty.

Club- Possibly one of the most well known of MAC’s eyeshadows, Club is the infamous reddy taupe with a green duochrome. It’s beautiful in a whole range of looks but I also think this is like a one-shade smokey eye.

Knight Divine- A decently pigmented black with enough silvery shimmer that it is more f a dark grey, I love Knight Divine in a smokey eye or to smoke out other shades.

Typographic- MAC call this an ‘asphalt’ black; I think it’s the perfect, deep charcoal colour. It’s matte, it’s insanely pigmented and much better than Carbon.

I think I have a really good selection of colours in my palette, but honestly I can see myself expanding and making a neutral palette, a green/blue palette, a purple palette, a dark palette… oh dear! Do you have any MAC shadows? Have you ever been tempted to put together your own palette?

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On Simply Be

Simply Be.

We have a love/hate relationship.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know I have a secret, small hatred for exclusively ‘plus size’ brands. ASOS Curve aside, they always seem to me to produce clothes that are, for want of a better term, ‘fat lady‘ clothes. Now there is nothing wrong with being fat. Please don’t get me wrong here. I know I’m fat, there’s no beating around the bush.

But that doesn’t mean I want to wear tunics and frumpy t-shirts adorned with butterflies and sequins and things that just don’t have any shape whatsoever. There seems to be very little thought towards fashion forward items and, to be frank, most ‘plus size’ shops are ridiculously overpriced for what they sell.

Simply Be used to be another one of these brands in my mind. That all changed recently.

If you know Simply Be at all, you know that they are primarily an online/catalogue brand. However, they do have a number of stores and whilst I was visiting Manchester with my mum over Christmas, we nipped in to the shop in the Arndale Centre for a quick look. And I promptly fell in love.

Here were fashion forward, quality clothes. They were following trends, offering interesting shapes and embellishment and colour and pattern. And the clothes felt like they were a good quality. And I had to try some on. And then I had to buy some.

I was feeling fierce that day. And look at that dress!

This is by AX Paris and was a size 18. Because of the style it’s pretty roomy and I probably could have sized down, but if I remember correctly they didn’t have a size 16. It was in the sale, and cost me- get this- £15 when I got to the till. £15! The detail is exquisite, the lace on the collar and cuffs is beautiful and I really like the red and black leopard print. It just feels much classier than a natural leopard print.

This was my other Manchester purchase and it is stunning. I had to size up a bit because there is no stretch in it whatsoever and it is fully lined, but I don’t mind at all. From the cutout neckline, to the lacey sleeves and the netting that gives the skirt shape, I just love it. It’s perfect and beautiful.

I wore it out over the festive period, paired with older Simply Be purchase (the studded, fake leather jacket) and some studded New Look wedges and it was perfect. Comfortable, I could dance all night in it, and I like the way it nips in my waist!

So, ignoring my mum in the background, here is another Simply Be sale purchase! When I got the lace dress home and tried it on again, I realised that there was still a security tag on one of the under skirts! Therefore, mum and I ran to our nearest store (on Oxford Street) at the first opportunity to get it sorted (which wasn’t an issue, as the people there were so lovely and friendly!). Of course, whilst we were there it would have been rude not to look at anything! I was super surprised at how nice this dress looked, the lace applique pattern on the sides are really flattering and emphasize my shape. Heels seem like they would be a must though! My aunt is actually getting married this year so I think this could be a winner for my wedding outfit.

I also purchased one more thing in the sales but I can’t show you because I haven’t taken any photos of it yet! I forgot to take any in the changing room, I’m sorry! However, all I can say is that my opinion of Simply Be has changed and I will definitely keep checking them out in the future. They offer clothes in sizes 12-32 and there is truly something for everyone, in my opinion! Have you ever purchased from Simply Be, or gone into one of their shops?

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The Christmas post- photo heavy!

We’re 7 days into 2015 and I’m still thinking back on Christmas.

It was a strange Christmas here at Smaugish HQ. Illness and the aftereffects of our stressful year meant that a household normally overflowing with Christmas cheer was unusually quiet and somewhat tired. My mum was poorly with labyrinthitis for most of December (in fact, she’s still not completely better) and at about 2 o’clock in the morning on the 22nd my dad was taken off to A&E with kidney stones. He was only there til mid afternoon but still. Merry blooming Christmas!

However, in its own way, it was nice. Because of the sickness and the weird feelings, we were very relaxed and laid back. No one ate or drank too much, so we didn’t have any of that usual sluggish, over-full tummy and achey head feeling. But still. Weirdly quiet.

I still took some photos of the period, though, and thought I’d share with you!

In our house, we have two Christmas trees. One fake one in the TV room/dining room, which ‘belongs’ to my brother and I and gets everything chucked at it, and a real one in the living room which my mother decorates every year and meticulously colour co-ordinates, using beautiful silver and white decorations and switching between other colours every Christmas. Last year was blue; this year was black, and I think it looked amazing.

The fabulous ‘Santa threw up on this tree’ effect is wonderful, don’t you think? And this year it had a new decoration!

I insisted it was front and center at the top of the tree!

These baubles did not go on the tree, but this was my latest set. It’s become a bit of a tradition for my mum and dad to buy me a new set of Disney baubles every year. I don’t put them on the tree; I hang them from the curtain rails on lovely pieces of ribbon. I have Tinkerbell ones that do go on the tree, but I have Villains, the Dwarfs from Snow White and now these Nightmare Before Christmas ones!

This was my mum’s tree. We got it through a new company this year and whilst it was a LOVELY tree, it dropped like crazy. Still trying to convince her to get a decent, expensive fake and use pine scented room spray or candles.

Here’s a close up! There’s a mix of old and new decorations here; some of the crystal and glass ones have been going up for as long as I can remember.

After the trees and other decorations went up (seriously, this house becomes a grotto. My mum has about 300 snowmen and 100 Father Christmas figures and statues etc that go up throughout the house, we have antique paper bells and ornaments and lights and tinsel EVERYWHERE), we had a couple of weeks more work before the school my mum and I work at broke up and then. THEN. We embarked on our annual Christmas trip to Manchester!

I love Manchester. I love Manchester at Christmas more. The markets there are superb (you can keep Birmingham!) and we’d been looking forward to and saving up for this trip since the summer! I had done most of my shopping beforehand so whilst there were a few extra bits and pieces to buy for people, I was able to treat myself a little bit. And my mum and I just chilled and had a lovely time together. It was a great weekend.

As we usually do, we stayed at the Premier Inn on Portland Street and it was fantastic as always. Comfortable beds in an impressively sized bedroom, with a lovely clean bathroom. The rooms had all been refurbished since we were last there and they looked modern and stylish. There was a good selection of tea and coffee in our room and the lovely cleaners gave us SO MUCH MORE when we shyly and somewhat awkwardly asked for a replenishment. Cups of tea and coffee are a must for me and my mum! We also ate in the restaurant on the second evening of our trip and the meal was amazing. I’d stay at a Premier Inn time and time again, especially for a shorter stay- the Portland Street one is in a perfect location as well, a five minute walk from Albert Square and the Christmas market there and only about fifteen minutes from the main shopping areas and the Arndale. I’d recommend them whole heartedly to anyone looking to stay in Manchester and wanting to be central without being TOO central, if you know what I mean!

Whilst there, mum and I popped into the Simply Be store and I had to try on an armful of things- more on that later. Our self-made schedule this year was to hit the Arndale and surrounding, standard high-street shops on our first day. We had a train that got us into Manchester at around 12, so we dumped our stuff at the hotel (again, fantastic- our room was ready so they let us check in early!) and then nipped on over, starting at House of Fraser and working our way down. I made a few cheeky purchases at the MAC counter that I will detail in a later post! We then had a full on few hours of shopping, hitting everywhere from Waterstones, indulging in a good hour and a bit in Primark (seriously? HUGE and so much better than the one on Oxford Street in London) and whizzing around the Arndale before heading back to our hotel, changing and going out for dinner.

The next day? Christmas Market time.

If I can recommend just one thing to you, it is to go to the markets on a weekday (if you can) and to also go first thing in the morning as it opens. Last year we went on a Saturday and by about 2 in the afternoon it was impossible to move. However, this year we were there on a Friday morning and it was almost as if we had gone to a different place. Awesome. Being a vegetarian, I didn’t sample any of the interesting smelling wurst that were readily available BUT I did have a cheeky Baileys Hot Chocolate and a taste of Gluhwein with blueberry schnapps and it was tasty.

Tasty! We were at the markets for unusual Christmas presents, which they are always fantastic for, but also for the general atmosphere. I also bought another Christmas Jumper from the Afflecks pop up market indoors, and even though I don’t have a photo and it’s gone up into the attic for next year, I can guarantee it was a good one.

So that was our Manchester trip! It was fantastic and we bought so much I needed to buy a suitcase in Primark to bring some of it home in- but honestly that was justifiable because I needed a new suitcase anyway and most of it (I’d say a good 75% of what we bought) was for other people!

Last but not least in this mammoth Christmas round up post, I thought I’d share with you some pictures from Christmas and Christmas Eve.

These days I have more and more people to buy for or think about at Christmas. Being a private tutor, piano teacher and regular babysitter for a number of different families, I like to buy the kids a little something and take them something homemade for the whole family to enjoy. This year, I made Christmas sugar cookies (basically a shortbread that’s not quite as short) and peppermint candy-cane chocolate. I’m told they went down a storm!

Last but not least, here’s a shot of our Christmas table. Mum and I always like to lay the table on Christmas day, it’s one of our favourite things to do. Everyone got a little stocking full of chocs on their side plate as well!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and are getting off to a great start with 2015!

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New Year’s Eve

So, we are merely hours away from bidding goodbye to 2014 and welcoming in 2015.

The year which, if Back to the Future II is anything to go by, will bring us hoverboards and interesting sartorial choices including metallic hats and neon rings.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to blog about resolutions. I’m not normally one for making resolutions. They don’t get kept and seem a bit of a pointless exercise. However, I think they’re a good way of thinking about what you want to achieve or make a priority in the next year. In the long run, a year is just 12 months long.

So here are the things I’d like out of 2015, the things I will try and stick to and things I want to stop doing.

1) Go to the gym more regularly.

I have a pretty sweet deal on a gym membership. Even if I don’t get there more than twice a week I will still save enough money to make it worthwhile. Which leads me to…

2) Run/walk a 5k race.

Mum came up with this idea and I really like it. I started doing the couch to 5k programme before I got ill last term and I want to keep that up anyway so it makes sense to have a goal like that to work towards.

3) Be kinder to myself.

I’m always my worst critic when I should be my own biggest fan. I am pretty awesome, to be frank. I have so many good qualities and I need to focus on these rather than beat myself up all the time.

4) Make my health a priority.

Comes with the gym really but this is important. Weight needs to stop being the thing I worry about. What’s more important is my overall health. Taking care of my diet and fitness will in turn probably lead to weight loss but that’s not my immediate goal. I’ve noticed over the festive period that as I’ve been eating crap I wouldn’t normally eat, drinking more etc my skin has gone mental. My back is covered in spots and I’ve got rashes in a few places. I want to enjoy food and feel like I can eat chocolate and chips and all that delicious stuff; I’m just going to keep that for the weekend.

5) Keep up my skin care regime and look after my body on the outside as well.

This is pretty self explanatory. When I take care of my skin (and that’s all over) it looks good and therefore I feel good. And being as I turn a quarter of a century old this year (OH GOD) the more I look after it now the more older me will be thankful.

So. There they are! What kind of resolutions are you making this year?

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Hello again blog; goodbye to 2014!

Hi guys.

I’m going to be straight with you, because I know I haven’t blogged in FOREVER.

2014 has been an awful, honest-to-god disaster of a year. In some ways, it has been my family’s annus horribilis (if it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us). I don’t want to go into too much of it here, but safe to say I am so, so ready for the next year. It’s going to bring some big changes but I’m ready for them and- hopefully, touch wood etc etc- nothing can be as bad as this year has been.

However, this year has also had some awesome point, such as when I found out that I did, in fact, pass my Masters Degree with a Merit; I have started the application process for teacher training (Primary School, if you’re interested) and currently hold one offer and one ‘we will probably interview you in January’ thing; and most excitingly, I met my boyfriend. Not to be too mushy, but I can honestly say meeting him changed a shit year into something better. To have a realistic, non-romantic head on, I have no idea what’s round the next corner but I treasure every second I get to spend with him.

Aaaaaanyway- Blog! My blog has taken a bit of a back-burner again and I’m sorry. Despite the fact that the past term at work has been super busy and I don’t think there’s a month where I haven’t been doing overtime, I didn’t intend for it to get like that- again! I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I have this off-again on-again pattern of a few months when it comes to blogging but I have every intention to blog at least a couple of times a week from now on in. It’s one of my resolutions; oh, and expect a cheesy resolution post tomorrow!

But, to prove that I do still love you, my dear readers, here are a couple of photos of some makeups what I have did.

This was my Christmas day makeup. I finally bought MAC’s Russian Red lipstick during my annual Manchester shopping trip with my mum (can anyone say Christmas Markets!?) and it is amazing. I also got a little sample pot filled with Studio Fix Fluid foundation (turns out I’m ridick pale and need NW10-15) which I’m using here and had been using inbetween the trip and Christmas day but I’m pretty sure it made me break out which is super disappointing. Also, I couldn’t really work with it properly and it always looked a bit cakey, not to mention the coverage wasn’t quite what I was after. So all around foundation disappointment. I am however nearing completion of my MAC shadow palette so expect a post on that soon! I’m not wearing MAC shadows here, I’m wearing all three shades from one of MUA’s new Metallic Luxe palettes in Alchemy, some really warm golden shades that were perfect for the festive season. I’m also wearing Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, my go-to (and maybe HG material) liner from Soap and Glory, Maybelline BrowDrama and my favourite blusher, Lover by Illamasqua. I’ve seriously not worn another blusher since I got this. It’s amazing.

Also you can just about see my Christmas present from the boyfriend, a gorgeous silver necklace. It’s so beautiful!

I’m sorry for the state of my makeup in this photo, this was taken after I got back and realised all the shots of before had even worse lighting in them than in this! I went to the theatre with my mum to see the Pantomime, and we both decided we’d get some food first so dressed up a little. I’m wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1N1 Ivory Nude. I was recommended this by a friend and after the MAC foundation I tried was so disappointing decided I’d go and get colour matched at the counter in Boots one day. The lady was very friendly and helpful and had no problem whatsoever with giving me a 10-day sample so I could try it out before I took the (nearly £30!) plunge. She totally understood where I was coming from when I explained that my skin can be a bit temperamental with foundation! So far though I am very impressed and I think I will be making the purchase! It’s only a fiver more expensive than my Benefit ‘good skin day’ Oxygen Wow foundation so it’s not as bad as it could be. The lipstick is MAC Angel, which I had originally given to my mum for Christmas. I thought it’d be right up her street- a creamy pink nude with a frost finish- but she decided it was too dark (WHAT!?) for her so we did a swap- Myth for Angel!

I’m also wearing my current usual line up of products (Soap & Glory Supercat liner, Maybelline BrowDrama, MUA Luxe Power Brow, Illamasqua blusher in Lover, Maybelline Volum’ Express MegaPlush mascara and Soap & Glory Some Kinda Blot powder) as well as a few newbies. Two of my newest additions to my MAC palette (Knight Divine and Typographic- Typo is so much better than Carbon imo), B.Sculpted contour kit in Light (just the powder, not the highlighter) and an I Heart Makeup All Day and Night liner. Fixed in place with a couple of sprays of Urban Decay De-Slick I’m actually quite impressed with how it all held up. I had to re-powder my nose as I always do after about three hours of wear but apart from that, the foundation lasted really well and I had to do slight touch ups of the liner.

So that’s two faces of make up for you to look at. I do have a few beauty posts coming up (a review of my MAC lipsticks, 2014 favourites, an overview of my top 10 red lipsticks from my collection and my new skincare routine) as well as others, so please do stick around.

I promise I’ll stick around this time too.

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