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Normal service shall resume shortly!

I am so sorry I have been MIA almost this whole month. I spent all of last week observing in a school which was KNACKERING to say the least, the week or so before that was tiring because it was our last week at school and it was crazy, and this week I’ve pretty much just slept or read and made the most of doing nothing!

I have a number of posts planned for the summer, however, so please stick around!

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What I Wore Wednesday #7 and June Favourites

Double post today because I am lazy haha. I had a super busy evening yesterday and so wasn’t able to put up my WIWW post, however I’m sure you will forgive me…

First up, here was yesterday’s outfit.

I was feeling pretty casual yesterday; to be honest, I’ve been feeling pretty casual all week. It’s been so hot and we’re almost at the end of the school term, so I’ve been favouring comfort and fun over bothering about ‘dressing up’ for work. The t-shirt is from Primark, who are ON THE MONEY with their pop culture t-shirts at the moment. I almost bought another Harry Potter top at the weekend, but decided morally I could not do it; it was a Slythering House Crest top, and I’m a Hufflepuff, so debated it for a while. Even my mum said ‘no, you’re not Slytherin, you can’t buy that’! I love this top, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.

The casual, easiness spilled over into my makeup as well. I’ve been having a bit of a problem with visible pores and awkward foundation (not blending properly, caking a little) so I’ve been back to applying with my fingers while I work out what’s gawn on. I used my SuperStay Better Skin foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte powder which seemed to work okay so the investigation continues! My lipstick of choice was MAC Myth and I must quickly mention my new love for the Soap & Glory Kickass concealer crayon; it’s so creamy, easy to blend, just a dream! I’d include it in my favourites but I’ve only had it a week, so expect to see it in my July faves…

As for eyes, I really couldn’t be bothered to do much  else than blend an eyeshadow all over my lids with a big, fluffy brush. It’s all I’ve been doing this week, rotating between Urban Decay’s Easy Baked and MAC’s Sable, both shades are perfect for doing just this.

June Favourites

So here are my June favourites. They are all makeup favourites, which I do apologize for but I’ve been loving these products and just couldn’t cut the list down any more than this, so to save you a never ending list I decided to go just makeup.

First things first- yes, the BrowDrama is in here again. But I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to state that I wear this every single day. If I wear makeup, I will wear this. It’s amazing, with or without a brow pencil. I’ve got two Soap & Glory products as well, the Show Good Face 2-in-1 Skin Energizing Foundation and Primer (mouthful!) in the shade The Fairest of Them All and the It’s About Prime eyeshadow ‘underbase’ in Bright Light. The foundation is the perfect foundation for warmer days, a good match and blends in beautiful whether I use my fingers or a brush. It’s pretty sheer but still evens out my skin and does what I’d want a foundation to do, so I’ve been loving it. And the only way I can describe the eyeshadow primer is glue for my eyes. It’s amazing. Then I have the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Smoothing Cherry. I have four of these, all picked up from Poundland and I like them all but this was the one to hand when I took the photos haha. I wasn’t particularly enamoured at first but as I’ve continued to use them I have fallen in love with the way they make my lips feel, and the SMELL is gorgeous. Last on the top line is the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet; payday purchase last month and worth every penny. Perfect for a subtle smoke along my lower lashline or dramatic, full on liner. The bottom row contains two products, a primer and a shadow. The MUA Matte Perfect primer has possibly overtaken the MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer as my favourite primer. I made the switch when my pores started rearing their ugly heads and opening more than they ever have- think it’s the heat?- and decided I needed to try a different primer. I’d heard this one is a dupe for Porefessional and it’s brilliant, works a treat. My final favourite for June is Urban Decay Easy Baked eyeshadow. It’s the perfect shade for just blending onto the lid by itself or as part of a more natural eye, and goes really well with Sable or Club by MAC.

What were your favourite products this month?

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A Veritable Plethora of Outfits

… Okay, not really. We’re talking three here. But in amongst them is last week’s absent What I Wore Wednesday number, apologies for not getting it up last week- I mumbled a little bit about it in my previous post!


Last Wednesday I felt like dressing up a little bit more than I have been for work; no particular reason why, it was just one of those days! I wore a midi length, long sleeved black dress by a Danish brand called Greenhouse.

It’s one of the most comfortable and easy to wear pieces I own, when thinking about it. I’ve been feeling very lumpy and rolly lately and even though you can see my less-than-streamlined silhouette here, the subtle darting keeps it fairly flattering.

I think you could definitely say that I went for a defined brow that day! I was trying out a new (to me) powder, too; I’ve recently acquired the much-lauded Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder after falling a little bit out of love with Maybelline Matte Maker. I quite like it so far but have actually come across something better- more on that at a later date!

As it was a week ago and I was a right numpty and forgot to note down what I used, I will have to take a guess at the eyeshadow I used and say it was either my Collection Work The Colour Nudes palette or my Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette. Either way I’m a fan of what I achieved!


Friday saw me attending my first ever ‘work do’, being the hen night of one of the girls that teaches in the Junior School. A load of us got together and surprised her at another teacher’s (gorgeous and HUGE) house, we had some dinner (catered by another colleague!) and played silly hen night games, including a round of ‘kitchen roll wedding dress’ making that saw us produce what can only be described as a piece of haute couture!

I wore a relatively new jumpsuit from New Look- I was dubious about how this would look but I actually really like it!- and my beautiful purple toned kimono, also from New Look.

I carried the purple theme onto my makeup, using MAC’s Violetta on my lips (LOVE!) and the purple and pink shades from my Urban Decay Glinda  palette on my eyes. Cheek wise I used my Illamasqua blusher in Allure, my base was Benefit Hello Flawles Oxygen Wow in Believe In Me Ivory and I used a slick of Collection cream eyeliner in my signature (but rather large, I must admit) cat flick.

I’m rather proud again of my quickly improving blending skills, and I managed to get the eyeliner pretty neat! Practice makes perfect!


I went pretty ‘goth’ on Saturday, more than I have in a while, and it reminded me how much I love dressing that way. I felt badass and confident, will have to do it more often!

Another confidence boost was that I could take this Kreepsville dress out for the first time since I bought it last Summer. It was always too tight for me- there’s bodycon, and then there’s ‘show off every single lump and bump’! But I love it and I’m dead chuffed I can finally wear it! I will also mention here as you can’t really see it in any of the photos- I wore a really pretty purple bandana with black stars all over it, rolled up and tied around my pigtails to keep my hair a bit neater. With all the humidity we had, my hair did not want to play along. Bad hair.

My eyeliner did not stay that neat for long, I have to admit! By about noon it was much, much smudgier and needed neatening up a fair bit. However, I wore my new Makeup Revolution Scandalous lipstick and I love it! It’s creamy, surprisingly long lasting and when it does wear off it leaves behind a stain and fades fairly evenly so it doesn’t look awful.

I used my FashionistA smokey palette on my eyes, with some grey shades taking pride of place and a bit of a black shade blended into my outer V and crease. I looooooove this lipstick, I must reiterate that fact!

So there were some outfits and makeup looks! I hope to have a June Favourites/Empties post up at some point tomorrow.

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Music Monday #6

I’m so sorry for my recent absence, lovely readers. I have been so busy and knackered recently, I’ve been taking the odd photo but just haven’t had the OOMPH to upload them and put them on here. I will be doing a post covering a few outifts I wore over the past week though, so nae worries. Hello to my new followers, by the way! It’s so nice to have you along for the ride!

Anyway, time for a bit of a roundup of the music I’ve been grooving to or particularly enjoying these past few days.

1- Rainbow- Since You’ve Been Gone

This was one of my favourite songs when I was little. I have no idea why, apparently I was wicked cool. Anyway, I was listening to Radio 2 on the way home from tutoring yesterday (I always listen to Radio 2, I am amazing, shh) and when I switched it back on, the show was Sounds of the 70’s with Johnny Walker and this song came on. I had a proper boogie while driving, belting out the words… love it.

2- Dio- Rainbow In The Dark

My brother and I were talking about Bloodstock the other day and we talked about the beer we’re looking forward to trying. I couldn’t help but think of this song and the beer it has inspired of the same name. It is my favourite pint of the year and the song is pretty nifty too.

3- Killswitch Engage- When Darkness Falls

It’s funny how your taste in music can change so much. I used to love KSE, and this was definitely my favourite song of theirs. Broseph was showing me their new stuff and it made me just want to listen to this. I’ll be putting their End Of Heartache album back onto my iPod, methinks!

4- Killswitch Engage- Always

Yeah another KSE track, but this is the one that Broseph showed me that made me think how much I used to like these guys. It’s their new/old singer Jesse Leach rather than Howard on this track and I have to say, I like his voice. Quick warning to have tissues ready for the manly tears you will cry watching this video, though.

5- Demon Hunter- My Heartstrings Come Undone

All that KSE really made me think about Demon Hunter, too! Again, DH were a band I used to love and there was a time that this CD was in regular rotation in my walkman (GOD those were the days). They’re a ‘Christian’ band but you really couldn’t tell unless you knew so yeah!

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Makeup Revolution Haul #2- Salvation and Redemption Palettes

This is part 2 of my recent Makeup Revolution order. The previous post was all about some Scandalous lipsticks and now we will talk eyeshadow palettes. The Salvation palette in Dia de los Muertos and the Redemption palette in Romantic Smoked, to be precise.

Look at how beautiful those shades are! For £4, you get 12 pretty shades that are suitable for day or night and- as you will see- are a mixture of mattes and shimmers and all reasonably pigmented.

How pretty are those!? Some of the lighter colours are a bit lacking- the two on the left, for example- but in general they are all really really good. Soft, fairly easy to blend and it didn’t take more than one (maybe two with the lighter colours) swipes to get this amount of pigmentation. I LOVE that black in particular.

This palette was what inspired my whole order, really. It was a bit of an impulse buy and if I had used my head I would have got one of the other Salvation palettes but OMG LOOK AT THE COLOURS!!! Dia de los Muertos is one of the Limited Edition palettes they have just released and the beautiful skull packaging (which I will keep, have I told you I am a sucker for skulls??) contains a sturdy, professional looking black palette, which holds inside 18 beautiful, beautiful eyeshadows. They also are all named which is a lovely touch. The rectangular pans are shimmers and the circular ones are matte, which is a really nice way of organizing it. I’ve swatched them all (photographed with flash) so I will share them with you before I sum it up.

L-R Love Life, Live Life, There’s No Time To Waste, laugh more, Smile, There Is Always A Way Back

L-R Redemption Is Near, Salvation Is Inside, Comeback Queen, Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying, Go And Get The World

L-R Affirmation, Celebrate Life, Live With Passion, Get Out There, Turn The TV Off, Be You

I can’t get over how beautiful these all are. Redemption Is Near, Live With Passion and Be You are all so pretty and bright and just POW I really need to work out how to use them! They were all easy to get lots of colour from and feel soft and workable, and even the matte shades aren’t as chalky as I have heard or expected them to be so that’s a good one. This palette was £6 and honestly I am already eyeing up Girls On Film (I am a huge Duran Duran fan) and What You Waiting For (ditto Madame Stefani).

Damn you, Makeup Revolution. I’d made a pact to downsize my palette collection.

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Cheeky Makeup Revolution Haul #1- Scandalous Lipsticks

So, I caved guys.

I caved and decided to place a little haul from new (much hyped, much covered) budget range, Makeup Revolution. Bloggers ALL OVER DA PLACE have been going gaga over MR’s stuff, so I thought it was about time to have a look for myself.

I got 8 bits, consisting of the complete Scandalous Lipstick collection, The Matte Effect foundation, the Limited Edition Salvation palette in Dia de los Muertos and the Redemption Palette in Romantic Smoked. Why not one of the much praised Iconic palettes, MR’s Naked dupes? I’m actually saving for an actual Naked palette and am quite happy with my MUA dupe so that’s why I went for something a little (but let’s face it, not really that) different.

Quick comment on the foundation- I’m currently not convinced. I got the shade Ivory which is a pretty good match, really. Cheap foundations can tend to lean too orange, but this one wasn’t bad at all. However, I really didn’t see any major ‘matteness’ going on when it was on my skin. It was still shiny and dewy and while the coverage is reasonable I had to powder quite heavily over the top. I also think it might be something to do with my skin but it lasted for a couple of hours before it had disappeared from a few places on my face. Still going to test it out before I say either way but at the end of the day it was £2 so I didn’t have great expectations.

Let’s talk Scandalous, now.

This five-piece, Limited Edition collection comprises of some wacky (but sometimes innately wearable) shades, including a pink, an orange, a bright skyblue, a yellow and a true purple. Yep. MR also have a deal (I looked and they have a similar deal with all of their collections, actually) where you can buy 5 lipsticks for the price of 4 when you buy the whole collection. So 5 lippies cost me £4. Not bad!

Here they are swatched on my arm. As you can see they have a good texture, are nice and creamy and well pigmented when swatched here but on the lips some are much better than the others. They all look a little scary if you’re strictly a nudes or muted girl but trust me- three of these are so wearable as is, one could make for a really interesting look when sheer or on top of another shade, and one I think is a fantastic colour for Halloween if nothing else. Though I’m tempted to rock it out and think ‘screw you!’ to the rest of the world.

Here is the yellow shade, Felony. Felony is a really pretty yellow when swatched on my skin but I struggled to get it to any sort of opacity on my lips. HOWEVER- is it just me or is it actually surprisingly wearable when sheer like this? It almost looks like a yellow-toned nude and paired with a smokey eye I think it could look goooood. I am going to experiment with layering this over other colours to see what the effect is and will report back if I come across any success!

Next we have the orange, Vice. I am surprised how much I like Vice. I thought it would make my teeth look the same colour as Felony- it does not. I wondered how it would look against my odd skintone- it looks great. It’s sort of like a really great, slightly more wearable alternative to red, really. It’s nicely opaque without too much effort, too.

Next is the blue, Immoral. This was, like Felony, quite hard to get a decent amount of opacity with and is much, much more icy on the lips than I was expecting. This would be my ‘screw you!’ shade, but even I think I’d be a bit scared to wear it out and I’m a black lipstick kinda gal. However, this would be perfect for Halloween or a Sci-Fi look, and if I ever decide to dabble in cyber-goth again I have my perfect lipstick.

Next we have probably the most wearable and least scary shade, the pink, Crime. This is such a lovely pink. Again it’s not quite a stark when it’s on my lips- swatched it’s almost close to MAC Candy Yum Yum- but it’s such a gorgeous, fuschia-leaning shade. I think you could dress it up or down for night and day and again is another wearable alternative to red. Love Crime.

Finally, the purple shade, Depraved. This is my favourite of the bunch and if I had only bought one colour from the collection this would have been it. I have been searching for this kind of purple for the longest time to add to my purple lipstick collection and I am in love. It’s pigmented, the texture is creamy and it seems to last fairly well- although it’ll need topping up/reapplying after food or drink. I just love it. Depraved is the perfect, true bright purple and I think everyone should try it!

So that was the Scandalous Lipstick collection- I am impressed!- and the next post will be all about the palettes.

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Fitness Friday #2- What’s In My Gym Bag?

Welp I’ve abandoned this series so far, haha! Never meant to do that!

Quick apology for the sudden brief disappearance; life has been hectic in the last week! I’ve been doing so much cover for various things at work, as well as having a Brownie camp last weekend so I have been so tired my lovely blog has hit the backburner. However, things have settled down a bit now so fingers crossed I’ll have a bit more of a restful three weeks before term ends.

Anyway, today I’m going to give you an insight into what I take with me when I go to the gym, and the things that I wear whilst I’m there.

Here’s my gym bag, and it’s content! These are the things I keep in there all the time. The bag I use is from Primark a couple of years ago; I used to have a matching little makeup bag in there with a few bits in but that is no more. It’s fairly big and roomy so I can keep my shoes and a change of clothes in there without everything feeling squeezed in. The shoes I’m using at the gym at the moment are actually men’s trainers because my feet are wide- I have extra bones in my feet and suffer from Accessory Navicular Syndrome and so my feet can get very painful if my shoes are too tight. They do the job though and look pretty groovy too. I also have a bottle of water, which is very important and usually gets refilled once or twice per session. Then we have a bodyspray, which is always just a cheapy that I pick up from the supermarket or Poundland or something and just use before and after my workout to spruce myself up a bit as I will always go home straight afterwards to shower and change. Then I have my iPod- I also have a Creative ZenMicro but use the iPod for the gym because it’s bigger (so I won’t lose it!) and the cardio machines at my gym have iPod docks built in. I bought this second hand from eBay a year or so ago and I have a number of different playlists that I switch between- although honestly I tend to just listen to music when I’m doing weights and then plug my headphones into the machine and watch some TV whilst I’m using the cardio machines. Finally I have some makeup wipes. These are super important when I go to the gym straight from work in the evening because in my opinion there is nothing worse than sweaty makeup face. I hate the feeling of makeup melting and running all over the place so I give myself a quick wipe using one of these to remove most of it before I start my workout.

Here is the sort of thing I typically wear whilst I’m there. Sports bra is the most important thing and whilst I’m not doing anything that makes me bounce too much or is too high impact these are sufficient. I have a number, some are just from Primark and some are more expensive from M&S or online catalogues that are obviously a little more supportive, but as long as they are strapped down and held in place I’m good. I then wear a t-shirt on the top, usually something comic related because- stupid as it sounds- seeing a superhero when I’m struggling to lift or just can’t be bothered motivate me to carry on. I sometimes wear my Game of Thrones t-shirt too because you have to represent the Starks. On bottom I generally wear cropped sports leggings- these ones are from, surprise surprise, Primark!- because they are more comfortable and cooler. I like having my (hairy) calves free!

This is my game face, ha! I was super pumped last night to go in and do some heavy lifting, using heavier barbells and a few more sets but when I got downstairs into the weights room it was PACKED so I had to use the machines for my upper arms and I hate that.

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